We Safeguard the Most Precious Commodity on the Planet. Life.

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What is BBX

BBX has one simple purpose, survival.

A discreet block construction system which provides multi-protection against blast, ballistic, fire and breach threats.

Uniquely certified to C15 blast resistance and BR7 ballistic resistance standards, amongst the highest achievable.

Despite its unique capabilities, BBX is installed using normal construction methods and tools with the fast thin joint mortar system, ensuring that maximum security and protection is provided along with optimal, efficient installations.

BBX is tested & certified to Home Office standards
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Specific protection, versatile solution.


Suitable for use in sectors where high-level protection is required.

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Ideal choice for structures that need to withstand high-impact forces.

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High resistance deterring unauthorised breaching attempts.

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Robust and dependable in extreme heat environments.

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Product Specification

BBX blocks are composed of a blend of bespoke energy absorbing materials, delivering nearly twice the compressive strength of a concrete block, whilst remaining flexible and agile to blast overpressure and ballistic attack.


The thin joint mortar system

The Thin Joint Mortar system is a flexible building technique that allows walls to be built more quickly than using conventional mortar.


With 25% recycled content,the environmental performance of BBX can help to achieve compliance with the Building Regulations, including ratings in accordance with the Green Guide to Specification.

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