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Can your building withstand a terrorist attack? 

Can your building withstand a terrorist attack? 

This article is featured on Construction Management and was written by Justin Stanton.

How safe is the building you’re constructing, designing or running? What would happen in the event of a terrorist attack on that building? How safe are the people inside?

These are the questions every construction professional will need to ask themselves when Martyn’s Law comes into force. Consultation on the proposed law closed two months ago.

Under Martyn’s Law, those who build and operate the built environment will need to consider terrorist attack scenarios and how to prevent and respond effectively to them. Martyn’s Law will require venues to provide staff with counter-terrorism training, carry out risk assessments inside and out, mitigate any risks identified, and have a counter-terrorism action plan in place.

You can find out more by attending a Construction Management webinar, in association with BBX, about the subject on 29 May. In the webinar, you’ll hear from Figen Murray OBE, the driving force behind Martyn’s Law. The law is named in honour of her son who was one of the 22 people killed in the Manchester Arena bombing in May 2017.

She began the campaign for better security with an online petition in 2019 that gained 23,000 signatures. Since then, Murray has worked with a team of co-campaigners and met government officials and ministers regularly to formulate how her vision will be implemented as law. She holds a Master’s degree in counter-terrorism.

Murray will join this webinar having completed her 200-mile walk from Manchester Arena to Downing Street. She is using the walk to raise awareness of Martyn’s Law and maintain pressure on the government to enact it.

Internal safe havens

In the webinar, you will also hear from Richard Stones, director of built environment security consultancy CPTED, who will discuss the need to compartmentalise a building to provide internal safe havens in the event of an attack.

And in the context of the science of blasts and ballistics, BBX principal consultant Martin Jennings will propose that the built environment embraces more modern and versatile construction methods to achieve safety and security.

The webinar is free to attend. Those who complete it live will qualify for one hour’s CPD credit.

Shortly after live broadcast, the webinar will be available to watch on demand.

Register now.

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