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BBX for Firing Ranges – In Discussion with Range Design Consultant Iain Banks 

BBX for Firing Ranges – In Discussion with Range Design Consultant Iain Banks 

In the world of firing ranges, safety and precision are paramount. We recently had the opportunity to discuss the evolving needs of firing ranges with Iain Banks, a range design and safety advisor in the field. With his extensive background in military and civilian safety critical operations, Iain offers unique insights into how BBX Blocks can enhance safety in shooting environments.

The Safety Needs of Firing Ranges

Firing ranges, whether indoor or outdoor, require meticulous safety measures. Iain highlights the challenges ranges face, such as ensuring backstops are high enough to safely contain rounds. He notes, “when the Range comes to be inspected or certified due to refurbishment, for example, BBX could be used as a modern, highly capable alternative to traditional methods of meeting the safety critical needs of a modern rifle range.”

BBX Blocks: A Solution for Perimeter Protection

Iain suggests using BBX Blocks to reinforce existing structures, particularly in areas where expanding the physical footprint of a backstop is impractical or impossible. He explains, "You could put BBX blocks at the top, because that would have the ballistic performance of at least a meter of earth, and you wouldn't need to adjust your footprint."

Absolute Containment is Key

With his experience in assessing and advising on shooting range safety, Iain recognises the potential of BBX Blocks in various shooting scenarios. He says, "The BBX blocks would be used with regards to the surrounding defensive structures... to contain the misplaced or ricochet shot."

Adapting to Modern Needs

Iain points out that many shooting ranges are still set in traditional ways of thinking, relying on earth and sand for backstops. He believes that awareness of modern solutions like BBX Blocks is key to advancing range safety. "People don't realise that something like BBX is out there," he remarks.

Sustainability and Maintenance

Discussing the longevity and maintenance of BBX Blocks, Iain notes their advantage over traditional materials, which can deteriorate quickly under environmental conditions. "Once [BBX Blocks are] installed, it's not going to deteriorate anywhere near as much as continual rainfall onto a sand bullet catcher," he observes.

Our conversation with Iain underscores the importance of evolving safety measures on firing ranges. BBX Blocks emerge as a versatile, effective solution for enhancing safety, offering a sustainable and maintenance-friendly alternative to traditional backstop materials. As firing ranges continue to adapt to modern safety standards, BBX Blocks stand ready to meet these evolving needs. For more insights on the use of BBX Blocks in firing ranges and other security applications, please contact one of our expert team.

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