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Enhancing Stadium Security for Euro 2028: Lessons from the Casey Report

Enhancing Stadium Security for Euro 2028: Lessons from the Casey Report

As the excitement builds for the Euro 2028 tournament, with Wembley Stadium set to host a significant portion of the games, the focus on stadium security has never been more critical. The Casey Report, an independent review of the events surrounding the UEFA Euro 2020 Final, provides valuable insights into the security challenges faced by stadia and the lessons learned. This blog post examines these lessons in the context of Martyn's Law and explores how BBX Blocks can play a role in enhancing stadium security.

The Casey Report: A Wake-Up Call for Stadium Security

The Euro 2020 final at Wembley Stadium was marred by a series of security breaches, where approximately 2,000 fans gained forced entry. The Casey Report identified a "perfect storm" of circumstances, including the pandemic's impact on seating capacity and the absence of large fan zones, which contributed to these breaches. The report's findings underscore the need for stadia to balance safety with emergency egress systems and security with access control measures.

Key Security Challenges and Solutions

The report highlighted several technical security aspects, particularly concerning access control and safe egress. The challenges included:

  • Mass Perimeter Breaches: These occurred at disabled pass gates, emergency egress doors, and full-height turnstiles.
  • Balancing Access Control with Emergency Egress: Ensuring crowd safety while maintaining robust security measures is a complex task for stadium designers and security managers.

Implementing Martyn's Law in Stadium Security

Martyn's Law, proposed in the wake of the Manchester Arena bombing, calls for enhanced security measures at public venues. This law emphasises the importance of preparedness, situational awareness, and robust security infrastructure. In the context of stadia, especially for events like Euro 2028, implementing Martyn's Law means:

  • Advanced Surveillance and Monitoring: Utilising technology to monitor crowd movements and identify potential threats.
  • Robust Access Control Systems: Implementing standardized, proactive designs for stadium egress doors to prevent unauthorized access.

The Role of BBX Blocks in Stadium Security

In light of these challenges and the requirements of Martyn's Law, BBX Blocks offer a unique solution. Known for their blast and ballistic resistance, BBX Blocks can be integrated into stadium designs to enhance security in several ways:

  • Fortifying Perimeter Security: BBX Blocks can be used to strengthen the perimeter, making it more resilient against forced entry attempts.
  • Securing Access Points: Incorporating BBX Blocks at critical access points, such as entry gates and emergency exits, can prevent unauthorised access while maintaining the necessary safety protocols.
  • Customisable Solutions: BBX Blocks can be tailored to fit the specific architectural needs of stadia, ensuring security without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.


As Wembley Stadium prepares to host Euro 2028, the lessons from the Casey Report and the implementation of Martyn's Law are crucial in shaping its security strategy. BBX Blocks emerge as a viable solution, offering enhanced protection and resilience against potential security threats. By integrating these innovative materials into stadium designs, we can ensure that the excitement of the games is matched by the highest standards of safety and security.

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